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Why Does Gray Hair Turn Gray?

Why Does Gray Hair Turn Gray?

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There are a lot of theories out there to explain why hair turns gray -- genetics, stress and vitamin B-12 deficiency are just a few of them. However, there is an actual scientific explanation behind why people get gray hair as they age. The answer isn't just melanin and dying pigment cells -- as scientists thought in the past. Instead, decreased amounts of catalase may be more to blame.

New studies have pointed to a newly discovered, important factor in why hair grays as people age -- catalase. Catalase is an enzyme that naturally prevents the body's hydrogen peroxide from turning the hair gray. That's right. The body naturally produces hydrogen peroxide and, instead of turning the hair blonde, it turns the hair gray. However, as people grow older the body produces less and less catalase, which means more hydrogen peroxide and more gray hair. Now that researchers understand catalase, gray hair in younger people is easier to explain.

It also means that there is an option other than hair dye when it comes to curing gray hair. If scientists could find a way to increase catalase production, it would mean fewer gray hairs. Fortunately, scientists have discovered this formula. Instead of dying their hair, individuals can now take two pills designed to reverse and prevent the onset of gray hair. This means that people who have grayed early finally have an answer as to how they can regain their original hair color. By simply introducing more catalase into their systems, they can see effective results quickly.

Now that scientists know the role catalase plays in the graying of hair, they can help people look as young as they feel. People no longer have to worry about boxed or even salon hair color looking unnatural and ugly. Instead, they can go back to their original shade by choosing a product that tackles the real root of gray hair's cause.

In the past, people thought hair turned gray as a result of melanin deficiency, but new information has revealed that catalase plays a larger role than scientists previously thought. By treating gray hair with catalase -- people can see their gray go away faster than ever before. With just a couple of pills a day, individuals can look younger longer with the product that is scientifically proven to reverse and prevent graying hair.

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