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Stop Gray Hair When it Starts with Catalase XP

Stop Gray Hair When it Starts with Catalase XP

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Declining levels of catalase enzymes in hair is the number one culprit for a head of gray hair at any age. The lack of catalase enzymes allows naturally produced hydrogen peroxide to strip the hair follicle of color. A chain reaction is also set off that causes damage and disrupts the production of tyrosinase enzymes, which are necessary for the creation of melanin. Traditional gray hair treatment regimens do not always cover all of the gray hair, sometimes leaving more behind than the user wants to see. It takes more than hair dye to restore natural hair color.

Taking catalase supplements helps restore the enzyme levels in the body to normal levels, reversing the effect of hydrogen peroxide on the hair shaft. A supplement, also known as an H202 blocker, stops the chain reaction from occurring and restores hair to its original color. No more having to reach for a bottle of dye to hide the gray.

All hair follicles contain a small amount of hydrogen peroxide that has been naturally produced by the body. Catalase enzymes prevent the hydrogen peroxide from bleaching the hair, causing the loss of natural color. The hydrogen peroxide is converted into two elements, water and oxygen, which are released harmlessly into the air. Enzymes MSR A and B work in conjunction with catalase to repair damage from hydrogen peroxide. MSR A and B also stimulate the production of tyrosinase, which is responsible for melanin production. Melanin creates hair color, and the loss of it adds to the hair going gray. The body does not restore itself to natural color once the levels of all of these enzymes drop off.

Catalase supplements raise the level of the essential enzymes for hair color, which in turn restores hair to its original color. Putting the catalase enzyme back into the body gives it the ability to convert hydrogen peroxide once again, allowing the accompanying necessary enzymes to increase their levels as well.

Supplements also contain additional ingredients, such as vitamins and minerals to help promote the growth of healthy and colorful hair. Folic acid, biotin, zinc and l-tyrosine work towards strengthening hair growth, while helping to restore color to the hair follicle. Saw Palmetto restricts the production of DHT, a form of testosterone that attacks hair growth. A quality gray hair treatment is purely designed to boost the overall health of the hair.

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