Benefits to Catalase

As you know, the antioxidant enzyme catalase can help you get rid of your gray hairs. This works because catalase works as a catalyst that breaks down hydrogen peroxide, which can bleach hair from the inside out, causing pesky gray hairs. As we age, catalase levels in our bodies decline, causing these gray hairs. Now besides this, catalase can also hold some other startling benefits to your health. These include:

  • Weight loss – A study in Japan found a correlation between fat loss and catalase. This study also showed a link between catalase and increased muscle strength.
  • Anti-aging – Studies down at American universities as well as in Russia and Spain showed that catalase could have anti-aging properties associated with it as well as prolonged life. It was suggested that it could prevent free-radical damage in cells and increase the life of lab rats.

While these have only been recent studies, they are still unlocking all of the secrets to the powerful enzyme catalase. These are certainly great potential benefits that this holds but for now, stick to it for preventing your hair from going gray.

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