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Gray Hair in Women

Gray Hair in Women

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Over the years, some women do a lot with their hair, some women do just enough, and some let it do its own thing. Most women start making the choice to do something with their hair around the time gray hairs are discovered. Recently, catalase was discovered to cause gray hair, and catalase gray hair is manageable, if not correctable.

Catalase is an enzyme created by the body that breaks down hydrogen peroxide, and turns it into water and oxygen for processing. Without catalase to process the hydrogen peroxide, it damages the body and affects its natural defense and health. Like so many other things that happen to our bodies as we age, our bodies stop or slow the production of catalase, and as catalase levels decrease the hydrogen peroxide continues to increase. The lack of catalase allows hydrogen peroxide to build in the hair follicle, which begins to bleach the hair. The follicles are prevented by the hydrogen peroxide to produce enough melanin, or hair color pigment, to overcome this increase.

Catalase is produced naturally by the body, and no one knows why it slows down production earlier in some people than in others, but it is directly linked to genetics. The search for methods to introduce or stimulate catalase production has been ongoing. Some have turned to laser therapy, topical magnesium, and topical coconut oil. Due to the fact that catalase plays such an important role in the chemical balance required to allow the melanin to maintain hair color, the search for a way to prevent or reverse graying is paramount to women who are graying.

The least invasive method is to introduce or stimulate catalase without putting your health at risk. Adding a catalase supplement to women's diets is the easiest way to stimulate the melanin, while retaining some of the necessary hydrogen peroxide. By adding the supplement, women who have developed too many gray hairs for their liking can look forward to seeing their natural color again. The unique properties of everyone's genetic background make it impossible to state that a catalase supplement will achieve the impossible, such as working wonders overnight, or functioning as a miracle. By taking catalase supplements regularly, women who have noticed the appearance of too many gray hairs can use catalase to reverse the effect of the build-up of hydrogen peroxide in the hair shaft.

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